Board of Directors

We are a group of Dive Professionals, Certified SDI Scubility Buddies, Parents of Adaptive Divers and Adaptive Divers that have come together to share in the experiences and adventures that are provided by the world of scuba. We are dedicated to bringing Adaptive Scuba to those with a disability through a trusting and caring atmosphere. We as a collective group of Dive Professionals and Certified Buddies have thousands of hours of experience diving with people with disabilities.


Robert Hemedinger, President and Instructor.  Robert has been diving for over 8 years. He started assisting people with disabilities in the water when a family member with a disability expressed a desire to experience SCUBA.

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Vice President

John Riedas, Vice President and Instructor. John has been a SCUBA diver for over 8 years. He has experienced several diving sites in the Persian Gulf and Mexico. He earned his PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor rating while living abroad in Mexico. John volunteered his services in the early months of Imagine Diving’s second season of pool sessions where he quickly established himself with the participant divers and leadership team.

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John Sansone, Treasurer.  John has been diving for 40 years.  He is a Certified Buddy with a long resume of experience from wreck diving, river diving, drift diving, salvage diving, hardhat diving, cave diving, ice diving and some open water.  John also has a son with Autism who is an SDI Scubility Diver.

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Paul Hemedinger, Director and Divemaster. An experienced diver of over 7 years, Paul is a certified dive buddy for assisting persons with disabilities in the water as well as a PADI Divemaster. Paul has assisted with several local programs and has hundreds of hours working with divers with disabilities.

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William "Boots" Harris, Director. William (Bill) is a recently certified diver and a Gold Star Father.  Bill was trained in the spring of 2012 and participated in a healing trip with other Gold Star families and Disabled Veterans. The bonding and joy Bill participated in struck up a need with in him to see such programs continue.  Bill joined Imagine Diving to make a difference with those he can and honor those he can’t.

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Michael Rudd, Director.   Michael served in the U.S. Navy (Interior Communications First Class). He recently realized a childhood dream when he became a certified Scuba Diver. He  had dreamed of SCUBA diving since he was 12. With the opportunities provided by both Imagine Diving and his special needs son Mike, he was certified as an open water diver in 2014. Michael continues by volunteering with Imagine Diving assisting persons with disabilities and their families.

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KT O'Loughlin, Director.   KT completed her Open Water certification in 2016 but has been working with Imagine Diving in a marketing and fundraising capacity since 2014. When she’s not photographing DSDs or making Pig Roast flyers, she is studying furiously to become a Physical Therapist.

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