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Imagine Diving is a 501(c)3 public charity that introduces persons with disabilities to the recreational and therapeutic benefits of SCUBA diving as a means of inspiring and building confidence in those who face  everyday challenges of living with disabilities. It also promotes SCUBA as a means to inspire others to support a community of divers with disabilities through training and necessary experiences to enable SCUBA divers to assist persons with disabilities in the water. Imagine Diving also fosters an enviroment that reduces social barriers that prevent persons with disabilities from social interactions through a community of divers with disabilities and those who support their efforts.

Imagine Diving's operations continue because of the generosity of those that donate money, time, energy, facilities and gear. Would you consider donating to Imagine Diving?

Thank You For Your Support!

Our Second Annual Pig Roast was a huge success!

Thank you to our participants, their families, to everyone who donated items for fundraising and to everyone who donated their time and energy to make this the successful event that it was.

We are looking forward to a bigger and better Pig Roast in another year.

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Imagine Diving
9923 S. Ridgeland Ave
Suite 129
Chicago Ridge, Illinois 60415
(872) 222 - 6361

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