About Us

Imagine Diving is a 501(c)3 public charity whose mission is to provide opportunities for children, adults and veterans with mental and physical challenges to experience the rewards and benefits of the underwater world through SCUBA diving in a professionally supervised environment tailored to each individual.

We also promote SCUBA as a means to inspire others to support a community of divers with disabilities through training and necessary experiences to enable SCUBA divers to assist persons with disabilities in the water. Imagine Diving fosters an environment that reduces social barriers that prevent persons with disabilities from social interactions through a community of divers with disabilities and those who support their efforts.

Imagine Diving's operations continue because of the generosity of those that donate money, time, energy, facilities and gear. Would you consider donating to Imagine Diving?

We're Back! New School Year, New Pool Season

We would like to publicly thank the  Evergreen Park Community High School administration for allowing Imagine Diving to continue to offer opportunities to persons with disabilities and their families to experience SCUBA diving.

Our 2017-2018 calendar has recently been updated for September 2017 - May 2018 dates. 

If you know people who would like to participate or just observe what we do, feel free to share the dates.

Contact Us:

Imagine Diving
9923 S. Ridgeland Ave
Suite 129
Chicago Ridge, Illinois 60415
(872) 222 - 6361

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